My First Post

So, I added a ‘blog’ feature to the Snowman’s Igloo sandpit.

The intention is to put thoughts down coherently before I post them to social media.

With that in mind, I tried to install a social ‘share’ plug-in to my WordPress site so that I can easily share the stuff I’m happy with, but it failed to acctivate with a simple syntax error. This could have been caused by WordPress being out of date (I doubt it, but you ened toiliminate the obvious before you ask for suport).

So I tried to update WordPress, but I’m told PHP is out of date. I don’t think I can actually install new versions of PHP – that’s up to my host, so I’m kind of stuck here now. This post will be writetn and polished, and waiting to be published – but will sit here ignored… until I can get a PHP upgrade.