Ministry Teams

SBC Organization Table

MinistryDescriptionElderThe TeamLeader(s)
CommunicationsCommunications are vital to a vibrant, living organization. none
Women | | |
Music TeamMusic plays an important part in the Christian Life; and SBC places a great deal of stress on aiding the congregation to sing well. | |
EldershipThe Eldership consists of 4 men who oversee various aspects of church life. Click on each name to see what ministries or committees they care for. | | |
Jeremy Kendall
About Jeremy...
DiaconateThe Diaconate deal with the practical needs and resources of the church; they meet every 1st Monday of every month to table & discuss person as well as material needs, and pray for those in this situation. If you are aware of needs traumatic (someone taken ill; in hospital, etc.) or practical (moving house, needing help with transport) please contact the deacons at none
Sunday SchoolSunday School meets every Sunday morning in the main hall. |


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